Sports Romance/Romantic Suspense


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Fight It Out Series Book Three

I wasn’t born a fighter, but by the age of twelve it was ingrained in my soul.

Now that I’ve won the championship belt I plan to keep what’s mine–to do that, I have to train with Tyler Moore. 

Broody, mysterious, complete asshole.

Then one night he shares all his secrets and I finally see who he really is–I want him…all of him. But I never thought I’d get entangled in his life with another man.

Both men want to claim me, and I plan to let them. I wasn’t prepared for what two men had to offer but they satisfy me like no one else can. 

As we find our new normal, danger lurks in the shadows. 

When Stephen disappears, Tyler and I will stop at nothing to find his kidnapper. I plan to bring him home and this fight will end in an ultimate takedown.